Payday loans

Loans for People on Benefits

Financial emergency can happen at any point of time in everybody’s life. If you are not prepared, then it may be really hard for you. Of course, there are solutions and one of them are payday loans for people on benefits. Is there any difference between ordinary payday loans and loans for people on benefits? Of course, there are. First of all, those loans are for people who struggle with money and are dependent upon DSS to cater to their basic needs. If you can prove that you are getting benefits from Department of Social Security for at least past six months, you are eligible to apply for these loans. Lenders who offer such loans, do not perform credit score check. This means that it is much easier for people who have bad credit score to get a short term loan.

Do not be also afraid of APR. If you are able to pay back your loan in time it is not bad. Try to avoid late penalty fees. To get a loan, you need to be at least 18 years old, be a citizen of UK.  So if your low credit scores, CCJ, IVA, defaults, arrears, late pays, missed pays or bankruptcy are creating obstruction in getting a loan, then apply with us right away!

  • Money at hand!
  • Safety!
  • No Hidden Fee!
  • No Credit Check!